Tuesday, February 17, 2009


The famous photographer that caught my eye was Imogen Cunningham. She is known for her photos of flowers, plants and nude people. After reviewing Cunningham's photos, I discovered that I love the way she captured beautiful images without a lot of distraction in the background. The close up of the flowers in black and white are my favorite because flowers are normally associated with being beautiful because of their colors, but Cunningham managed to still capture the beauty of the flower without any color.
Here is the link to the Imogen Cunningham Biography Website.
Imogen Cunningham

The next famous photographer that caught my eye is Irving Penn. He know for this fashion photography. I choose Penn because I love fashion and everything that goes into it. Penn showed beautiful siloettes on simple background which is what really attracted my interest in his work.
Link to Irving Penn's website
Irving Penn

The local photojournalist that I chose as my favorite is Genevieve Ross. Her photographs are normally taken at sports events. I like how she captures action shots that always have a story. Ross captures the athletes in their moment of celebration or defeat. As a former college athelete I can appreciate that capturing the athele at the perfect time is very hard. All of Ross' pictures show emotion.
Genevieve Ross

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